Grateful for God's Providence Capital Campaign

The Grateful for God's Providence Capital Campaign will provide the solid foundation upon which our Church will continue to build and enhance the future for Catholics across the Diocese of Providence.  Financial resources are essential to enable our parishes to continue supporting the journey of faith, spirituality and ministry of our expanding Catholic community.

The Goal is to raise $50 million in pledges to support six priorities:

$8 million to support our Seminarians

$8 million to support our Retired Priests

$5 million to Catholic School Tuition Assistance

$5 million to Catholic Charities and Social Services

$4 million Cathedral of SS Peter & Paul renovations

$20 million to Local Parish Share

As we embark of the Grateful for God's Providence Capital Campaign, we look forward to the future, confident that all of our Brothers and Sisters of Christ will consider a sacrificial gift and join together to raise these important funds.